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Most women prefer abortion at home through medication when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Medical abortions can be performed as soon as you know about your pregnancy and are performed at around nine weeks into your pregnancy. Medical abortion is the most direct way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy but it has side effects.

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How safe is abortion at home? Please explain in detail

Self-inflicted abortions by popping pills are not safe without knowing the period of pregnancy and the place of conception. If you’re eight weeks or less pregnant, these oral contraceptives only have a 94% success rate. If the pregnancy is outside the uterus, that is, in the common tubes, it can rupture and be life-threatening. Also, if the menstrual cycle is prolonged, this can lead to excessive bleeding, which can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is always better to consult a doctor before taking any action regarding an unwanted pregnancy.

Most of the time, people choose abortion pills without consulting a doctor. What is your opinion in this?

As a gynecologist, I have faced many complex cases in my life. A lot revolves around unplanned pregnancies. Often people in a hurry look for an easy way out, such as the appearance of some pimples without realizing the consequences. However, choosing the abortion pill without a doctor’s pregnancy and ultrasound can be dangerous in cases such as an ectopic pregnancy, which can be an ectopic pregnancy, a cervical pregnancy, a scar, or a corneal or abdominal pregnancy.

How do abortion pills work? After how many days of pregnancy do the pills work?

The abortion pill works first by blocking the progesterone receptors, not leaving the uterus, and making the drugs more responsive to uterine contraction drugs, which are given to the uterus. Thereafter it is given safely until the seventh week of pregnancy.

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